Possum Enclosure
New possum cage is in use

With the success of our grant in 2010 plus monies raised by our organization" Friends of Nina's Ark Inc " we were able to build a large possum enclosure. This structure consists of 4 lager separate cages. Each cage will house 5  possums going through rehabilitation. This means along with our other cage we can house as many as 35 to 40 possums at one time. By being able to take this many it greatly reduces the pressure on Wildlife  carer's living in suburban areas. Thus help the animals get back into the natural environment  quicker. Many volunteer's  help to build this large project. Two of our members decided to build all the Habitats for our new cages. So they built 20 Possum Habitats they named "Rogue  Designs "after one of their possums they had raised. I think they came out perfectly check them out for yourself below!