The property was purchased by Nina in 1995. It was a virgin block of native bushland, with no access road from the main highway. An eight kilometre long dirt road had to be established. Nina and her partner Malcolm have single handedly carved from the bush a wonderful and peaceful way of life.


Nina raised her first Joey when she was just 11 years of age. She has lived in the Outback most of her life and has a great affiliation with it and all its wildlife. Over many years she has gained important knowledge involving the bush, native animals and their habitat.


The sanctuary is run by Nina, Malcolm and volunteer staff. These staff are members of the Workaway organisation.  The volunteers come from all over the globe to work with orphaned and injured wildlife. These valuable willing workers help the Ark to operate effectively. For this business to be possible Malcolm must seek outside paid work. He flys to Western Australia for two week on and one week home.Which means he is only on the Sanctuary one week a month. He has been doing this for 12 years.  All the money is filtered into the system, so that the Ark continues to provide for all the animals needs.


Nina Keener P.O.Box 92 Batchelor N.T. 0845  Australia

email: ninasark2@yahoo.com.au