Nina's Ark Hospital (UPDATED Jan 2012 )
Our clinic is well in the works

At  long last the Medical Clinic is showing progress. It was a long wait as the wet season was  a big one and access to the Sanctuary  was limited. The road was not passable to bring in materials until after May. Then finding a qualified builder to do the profiling for the foundations was difficult. As we are very remote trades people tend not to want to travel the distance. But Jamie Banks realized the importance of our project and came to our assistance. Thanks to my brother Jeffery whom organized for Jamie his good mate to fit us in to his busy schedule. After the boys did their bit it was up to Lena Krebs and myself to finish off the cementing. We mixed over two tons of cement to fill up the holes for the foundation. Mal came along after to complete the welding on the base so we could start raising the roof. From then on progress moved along rather quickly .A few volunteers worked right along beside us in 37 degrees Celsius. All involved knew the significants this building will make to the care of Native Wildlife here at Nina's Ark Sanctuary.

 January  2012 update--- The  medical clinic  is near completion but the wet season has arrived so work has stopped until after May this year. Then the rest of the material will be trucked into the sanctuary and work can begin.The Sanctuary and all whom have been involved, wish to thank the Justice Department for their community grant of $24073.00  given to Friends of Nina's Ark Inc to fund this major project.Without their help we realize our aim to build this facility may not have been achievable.

Jamie Banks starting the profiles for foundation of Medical Clinic.

Jamie Banks and Jeffery Pendarvis (my brother) hard at work .Lena Krebs(volunteer) looks on.

Volunteers Michelle(Wales) and John(England) and builders Jamie and Jeffery  make a good start.

Malcolm welding the floor bearers.

Malcolm on ladder, members Petra and Bob (right) raising the roof. Assisted by volunteers Maja Juricic(Germany) and Jon Liu (Taiwan).

Jan 2012 The Treatment Room so far. All work has stopped as the wet season is here. Roll on dry season!

The inside of the clinic 2014.





                                       NEW SOLAR SYSTEM FOR NINA'S ARK HOSPITAL

A big thank you to the ANIMAL WELFARE GRANT BOARD for deciding our solar power system application was needed here on the Sanctuary. It has made a wonderful difference to how the hospital operates.