Donate to Nina's Ark!
How to become a part of the Ark


To run the Ark is very expensive. The cost of medical supplies, food and basic care runs into thousands of Dollars per year. Any donation will help us keep our doors open to the hundreds of wildlife that need our assistance each year. Also assisting in raising oorphaned joeys as well as  animal housing infrastructure.

$5 will purchase two bottles and nipples

$10 will supply a bottle of antibiotics

$25 will supply formula for two weeks for four joeys

$50.00 will buy wire clamps for a new possum enclosure

$75.00 will buy three bags of kangaroo pellets

$100.00 will buy a roll of wire to contribute to a new enclosure


Any amount is of great need. YOUR DONATION IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED!

 Payment can also be made via bank transfer. Please text 0447000326 for banking details.

Come and see how your generosity has made a difference!




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