Two lovely visitors to the Sanctuary in early April were Eva Bliss and Kerstin Martas. Eva comes from England and Kerstin from Sweden. I enjoyed their visit so much and they loved our wildlife.I took them on a quad bike ride to see the Sanctuary and to collect Bush Tucker (native food) for the possums and Sugar Gliders. We  also saw whistling Ducks on the Billabong. While at the Sanctuary they pitched in and helped with the daily chores too .

Kerstin and Eva on the quad in front  of one of the large Cathedral Termite mounds on the Sanctuary.

Eva picking the Bush food for the Sugar Gliders and Possums (Silky Oak their favorite).

Kerstin  giving Miss E some LOVE  as her joey peeks out from the pouch!

Kerstin and Eva give Miss E the attention she craves.

Time to say good bye to the the Sanctuary and its animals. Come again Ladies we loved having you!